Welcome to the Aporkalypse!

Welcome to the Blastlands: Team Combat Fandom!

Blastlands Trailer

Blastlands Trailer

Blastlands: Team Combat is an asynchronous action multiplayer game from the warped minds at Strange Quest.

Pick a tech tree and then jump straight into the Free-For-All battle to defeat as many opponents as you can and collect scraps along the way. The more scraps you collect the more powerful you will become, eventually morphing into the ultimate war machine.

Join the fight!

Report for duty Private!

What unit shall I use? How much damage does the Behemoth do? How do I use the coins? So many questions...all answered here in the Blastlands: Team Combat Fandom!

Welcome to the Aporkalypse!

PP pose 1

Pvt. Pork welcomes you to the battle. HOOAH!

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